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About Us

Over the six years we’ve been working on personalized design projects, we have always met and often exceeded our clients’ expectations. While I’m proud of every single project we’ve brought to life, the construction and interior design markets are changing and, as a result, so are our clients’ needs. It’s time to rethink how we work.

Being well-acquainted with the trials and tribulations of home improvement in Russia, I wanted to create a simple, hassle-free and accessible interior design and renovation service for people of all professions, interests, incomes and tastes.

This idea led to the development of our ready-made design service: we offer our own signature designs to cater for all our clients’ technical and aesthetic needs, and provide a list of all materials and suppliers used. Our methodical, step-by-step approach allows us to offer a high-quality service: our projects are developed and brought to life within an agreed budget in accordance with strict deadlines and quality control procedures.

Our mission is to create a new understanding of home improvement as a simple, hassle-free and enjoyable process.

We don’t have an endless chain of managers who pass clients along to each other without getting anything done: our team consists of a select few specialists and professionals who all play a key role in the working process. All are experts in their field and excellent team players with clearly-defined responsibilities.

Our philosophy is based on four fundamental principles: mutual respect, honest work, a logical organisation of the working process and a love for what we do.